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EDEN LAW CHAMBERS, provides a full array of legal services. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality legal services for clients. Our client relations are based on personal relationships, encompassing high degree of trust and respect.

We understand the importance of accurately interpreting our client’s needs, and we have been consistently offering quality legal services to businesses and individuals in Tanzania and beyond.

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Easy Access To Affordable Legal Solutions
Why choose us


Our dedication, knowledge and training gives us confident that we can properly meet and even exceed your expectations or outcome of the issue at hand.


If you allow our lawyer to represent you, then we will be available to answer all your legal questions surrounding your matter/case. While we can communicate via telephone, email, Skype or WhatsApp, we also have a local office to meet with you in person. Additionally, we are able to meet with you in the convenience of your choosing place.


We also believe that our attention to detail sets us apart from other lawyers. We have caught issues that other attorneys have missed and take pride in knowing that we serve our clients best by not only looking at the big picture, but the small details as well.

Team approach.

When you engage us, you not only have an attorney as your advocate, but you have the whole team at your disposal.  You will have an assigned legal officer, as well as an administrative support person to attend you quickly and efficiently, as well as to assist in the communication process.


We are Ready To Assist You In Resolving The Legal Issues You May Have

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