What is Work Permit?

The Work Permit is issued to a non-citizen, who has secured employment, invest, or established a business in Tanzania, the permit is issued by the Government of Tanzania, under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The one with the mandate to issue the Permit in Tanzania is the Commissioner for Labour.

Who Qualify for the Permit?

As indicated above, the work permit is issued to any foreigner who has secure employment or is self-employed in Tanzania. Hence, any non-citizen who has secured employment, invest in, or establish a business in Tanzania, is eligible to be issued a “Permit” by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of Tanzania.

What are the categories of Work Permits?

Work Permit Class A

Under this class, the Permit is granted to a foreigner who engages in trade, Business, Profession, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, prospecting of Minerals, or manufacturing. Generally speaking, the permit is issued to a foreigner who is an investor or self-employed.

Work Permit Class B

Under this Class, the work permit is issued to a Non-citizen in possession of prescribed professions Such as Medical and Health Care professionals, experts in oil & Gas, Teachers, and University Lecturers in Science and Mathematics.

Work Permit Class C

Under this Class, the work permit is issued to the Non-Citizen in possession of all other professions

Work Permit Class D

Under this Class, the work permit is issued to Non-citizens employed or engaged in approved religious or charitable activities.

5. Work Permit Class E

Under this Class, a work permit is issued to the Refugees.

Who Can Apply for the Permit?

Though any non-citizen who has secured employment or is self-employed in Tanzania is eligible for a work permit, he/she personally cannot apply for the permit. As such, only the Domestic incorporated companies and Foreign companies with certificates of compliance and permanent place of business in Tanzania or Zanzibar, are allowed applicants for the permit.

Hence, the company will apply for the permit on behalf of its Directors and Employees, and once issued the work permit remains to be the property of the company.

What are the Requirements for the Permit Application?

Each Permit Category has its special requirements, which is different from the other. However, there are general requirements that apply to all the permit categories as follows:

  1. Justification Letter 
  2. Online Application Form (TFN 901)
  3. Recent two (2) passport-size photographs (with blue background) 
  4. Copy of a Valid Passport
  5. Scanned copies of original Academic/Professional certificates. 
  6. Detailed Curriculum Vitae/ Resume 
  7. Current Proof of Shares (from BRELA Online Search System) and BRELA
  8. Employment/Engagement Contract 
  9. Sectoral Approvals/Permits/Registrations (where applicable) i.e. TALA, TMDA, TBS, ERB, NBAA, TCAA, CRB, LATRA, TASAC, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Mining Commission, etc.
  10. Industrial/Business/Operating Licence 
  11. TIC/EPZA Certificate (Where Applicable) 
  12. Proof of payment of a prescribed fee for Work Permit (Original Bank Slip) 
  13. Lease Agreement/Certificate of Occupancy/Title Deed 
  14. Proof of NSSF and WCF registration, remittance of employees’ contributions, and List of all employees who are beneficiaries of the said Contributions
  15. Certificate of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  16. Certificate of Value-Added Tax 
  17. Tax Clearance Certificate
  18. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration for Companies, NGOs, Religious Institutions, Universities, Schools, and other Institutions
  19. Memorandum and Articles of Association/Extract from Register 
  20. Verification of Academic /Professional Qualifications by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) for University Graduates and the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) for applicants who are not University Graduates.

How and When to apply for a Work Permit?

The Permit is applied for and filed with the Commissioner for Labour of Tanzania, through its online permit application system (e-permit). The application for this permit can be made any time when the employment contract is finalized or if it is for self-employed after the business is set up and secure the Business License, from the relevant authorities.

Is the Work Permit Permanent?

If successfully granted, the Work Permit is valid for two years only, and subject to renewal after every such period, to the maximum of 5 years for employed persons and undefined time for self-employed (Directors and Shareholders of the company) for as long as the business subsists in Tanzania.

Currently, the person who has been granted a work permit in Tanzania doesn’t have to also file a separate application for Residence Permit with the Commissioner General of Immigration. The two departments have merged their application systems to the effect that once the applicant has filed the application for Work Permit, the same application will be considered and examined by the Immigration Department for Residence Permit, and be issued with an e-Permit Smart Card with both details for Work Permit and Residence Permit. This Card will be issued at the Immigration Department after the enrollment of the applicant.

Further Information:

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