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Debt Collection Agents at Eden Law Chambers understand that, It can be difficult for businesses to recover outstanding invoices, and there are numerous obstacles in your way. Our Debt Collection Agents in Tanzania, also understand all the legal requirements in collecting a debt; we can act on your behalf in a professional, knowledgeable, and firm manner.

Debt Collection Agents Tanzania

After registering the debt account with us, we start with an intensive strategy containing the following: letters, telephone calls, faxes, personal visits, inquires interviews and any other way of personal contact. During this phase the whereabouts of the debtor will be traced, confirmed and updated. Then a payment plan will be negotiated and the financial position of the debtor established. Ultimately, settlement of the account.


Should this not be the case then legal collections will follow, a collection practice equal to that followed by most well-known collection agencies and law firms in the developed world.


For more information and specific quarries regarding the services we provide, please Get in Touch with one of our Debt Collection Agents.

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