Land Purchase in Zanzibar

A foreigner can purchase land from the holder of Right of Occupancy, or from any person owning interest over the land though other means including inheritance, or purchase but has no granted Right of Occupancy.
Further, A foreigner can acquire/purchase a landed property such as house, or apartment, in Zanzibar. According to the definition of land given by the Land laws of Zanzibar, to include among other things attached to land, buildings. therefore it is possible to purchase a ready made house in Zanzibar.


GAMING ACTIVITIES Gaming activity is provided to mean  game played with cards, dice, equipment or any mechanical electromechanical or electronic device or machine for money, property, checks, credit or credit card or any representative of value, including but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, bingo, wheel of fortune, baccarat, slot machine, horse race, lottery,…

Work Permit Requirements & Procedure: Tanzania.

What is Work Permit? The Work Permit is issued to a non-citizen, who has secured employment, invest, or established a business in Tanzania, the permit is issued by the Government of Tanzania, under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The one with the mandate to issue the Permit in Tanzania is the Commissioner for Labour….

Residence Permit Requirements : Tanzania & Zanzibar.

What is Residence Permit? Residence Permit is issued to a non-citizen, who intends to live and stay in Tanzania or Zanzibar, the permit is issued by the Government of Tanzania, under the Immigration Department. Any non-citizen intending to reside in Tanzania or Zanzibar for investment, business, employment or any other legal activity is eligible to…


Mineral license (Dealing) gives the holder the right and authority to engage in a business of minerals and trade as a broker or a dealer after having met the legal requirements prescribed by the law. Type of Mineral licenses issued in Tanzania are as follows: – 1.         Broker Mineral license A holder of a broker…

Legalization of Document in Tanzania

First the document shall be original and must have been authenticated by the issuing authority, then the document shall be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, in Dodoma where the Ministry will affix its stamp and sign the document authenticating that the document is issued by the authorized institution in Tanzania.
Thereafter, the document has to be taken to the diplomatic or consular mission of the destination country in Tanzania, where the Mission will affix its stamp and signature, authenticating the stamp and signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Tanzania.

Mineral Export Permit; Procedure & Practice

Mineral Exportation in Tanzania is governed by the Mining Act, 2010, the Mining (Mineral Trading) Regulations, 2010. The buyer, dealer, broker or miner who wishes to export minerals or mineral samples from Tanzania must comply with the provisions of the above laws, and obtain export permit after paying relevant taxes and royalty.

Trademark Registration in Tanzania

Generally, The Applicant cannot obtain trademark registration and protection over the whole United Republic of Tanzania, as Trademark registration and administration are governed separately between the union states.

The United Republic of Tanzania is the union of two independent states, Tanganyika (Tanzania Mainland) and Zanzibar. There are several union matters, however Intellectual Property Rights is not one of them.

Share Transfer in A Private Limited Company – Tanzania

Share Transfer shall in no way be taken synonymously as the transmission of shares, the two terminologies are quite different from each other and refer to two separate processes of changing the ownership of shares in the company. Difference between Share Transfer and Transmission of Share Share Transfer It is the process of transferring ownership…

Company Registration in Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Company Registration in the United Republic of Tanzania Company registration and Formation in the United Republic of Tanzania is not a Union matter as such companies are registered and monitored under two different laws, The Companies Act Cap 212 of 2002 and The Companies Act NO. 15 OF 2013, in Tanzania Mainland and in Zanzibar…