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At Eden law chambers, we have a well experienced immigration Lawyers to advise companies on immigration procedures and assist their employees meet immigration requirements for safe stay and working in Tanzania. With wide experience, our immigration lawyers will assist you to obtain and extend business visas, Resident and work permits for expatriate personnel in Tanzania.

Immigration Lawyers

Our top-quality immigration services covers on advise and processing, on behalf of companies and individuals, documents regarding:

= All visa-related procedures, including Visa acquisition, Visa extension, and Guidance on entry and departure procedures.

= Non-Citizen employment-related procedures, for Work Permit, provisional permit to work, alien employment permit and Residence Permits for safe stay and work in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

= Advice on dependent pass and family member visa processing, ability to work matters, student-related matters and maintenance of status

= Guidance and advise for complex cases, including representation before government agencies

= Administrative review and appeal applications at all administrative levels, specifically for Work and Residence permit applications.

Strategic Corporate Immigration Consulting and Advisory services

The needs of Corporate entities that require foreign workers are different to individuals or families who wish to relocate to Tanzania and Zanzibar.

Very often we find the human resources manager responsible for the continued and seamless introduction of foreign workers to enter Tanzania on specific assignments – whether short-term or for a number of years.
Matters of importance often relate to timing and strategic direction of what categories of Visa, Work and residence permits, will best serve the entities needs in relation to business needs of the entity.

In many instances, based on the needs of the particular entity, it may be required that a multi-pronged strategy is implemented that relates to short-term Business visas, Work Permit, waivers, affiliation of entities or corporate visas and assessment of skills of such foreign workers. These factors all play a role in the development of a seamless and well-considered strategy.

Eden Law Chambers is often called up to assist corporate entities to bring large volumes of foreign workers into Tanzania and Zanzibar in the most efficient and least invasive manner.

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