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Home Legalization of Document in Tanzania

At Eden law chambers, we have a well experienced Attorneys to guide and assist our clients with the requirements and determine legally valid documents to be legalized in Tanzania.

Legalization of document refers to the process whereby a diplomatic or consular mission abroad certifies a document issued by their host country as genuine document and can be used and admitted as evidence in that mission’s own country. In other words, this enables the authorities in that mission’s own country to accept these foreign documents as legal evidence.

For instance, you have a document made in Tanzania, either it is a public document or the personal document, and you need to use this document in another country, Netherlands may be, the document need to pass through the process of legalization for it to be acceptable in the Netherlands.


Our services covers on advise, filling and secure legalization of the document originated from Tanzania.


We, can guide and assist you on the whole process of legalization of Document in Tanzania, make sure that only valid and acceptable documents are legalized, saving you time and the cost involve on the legalization process.


For more information and specific quarries regarding the services we provide, please Get in Touch with one of our corporate lawyers.

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